DBI/SALA: The ultimate in fall protection.

Your Nerve. Our Gear. DBI-SALA™.

DBI-SALA is known as the premier brand of fall protection and rescue products around the world. For more than 65 years, DBI-SALA has provided, and still provides today, the best solutions for workers at height, no matter which industry you work in.

Zelus offers a complete selection of DBI-SALA Safety Equipment and Accessories for Fall Arrest Systems, together with technical and engineering support, installations and inspections. The DBI-SALA product line is about solutions for you. Their products have the most extensive line of fall protection tools for your ever changing job, whether it's a lanyard designed to be tied back to itself, a first-man-up tool that allows you to be protected from the ground up, or a door jamb anchor that gives you a place to "hook-off" when you climb out onto the roof. DBI-SALA designs and builds the best products, to allow you to get the job done right, safely. Your life is worth DBI-SALA.


Fall Arrest Systems

DBI/SALA: The ultimate in fall protection.
Featured above is a 3 point harness with
attached 6' lanyard.