Preventative Maintenance and Inspections provide safe and reliable work environments.

We offer a variety of Preventative Maintenance and Inspection programs (including certification). The maintenance program your company requires will be determined by the length of service and condition of your equipment, as well as how that equipment is used and in what conditions it operates in.

Properly scheduled maintenance, including wear adjustments, proper lubrication, etc., will help extend the life of your equipment, resulting in less down time and production delays.

All parts and labour can be supplied by Zelus Material Handling. Our competitive rates and good working relationships with our suppliers will keep your overall costs down.

Our experienced technicians and in-office staff will work with you to provide the best possible solution. Let us help you develop a Preventative Maintenance and Inspection program that will fit your needs and requirements.

Zelus' inspection and maintenance programs are in accordance with the regulations and specifications outlined in CSA B-167-08 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, O. Reg. 851, s. 51/1, b, I, II.