Process Crane

Process Cranes

Zelus has the knowledge, experience and facilities to confidently take on custom process crane design, fabrication, installation and service.
Process cranes are typically high specification (CMMA & AIST #6), Class E & F high duty rated cranes, or cranes that are specific to a type of high demand process.  Steel Mill, Aluminum, Cement, Pulp and Paper, Nuclear, Aerospace, Hydroelectric, Smelters, Forging, bulk material/recycling, mining and Galvanizing are all typical applications that would utilize this class of crane.
Zelus’s in-house professional engineering for mechanical, structural, and electrical design allow us to custom design, or integrate industrial components and panels to meet the needs of any application.  With Engineering, fabrication and technicians located in Southwestern Ontario, Zelus is well positioned to deliver and service the North American market.  

Process Cranes are designed for the most demanding of applications.