Double Girder Top Running

Top Running Overhead Cranes

The simple design and efficient use of material make the top running overhead crane configuration the most common solution. With design and manufacturing capabilities for overhead cranes well over 100 tonnes and over 100 ft long, Zelus Material Handling can offer top running overhead cranes as single or double girder, using either profile or box beam construction. 

Zelus' experience with large structural members has enabled Zelus Material Handling to become a leader in crane box girder design and construction in Canada. In addition to making large spans possible, box girders allow designers to create a more robust structure while reducing material weights and costs compared to larger hot rolled structures. By having the capability to design and manufacture either box or hot rolled girders, Zelus Material Handling is able to propose the best solutions to your application.

Top Running Cranes

Top Running Cranes are designed to travel on top of a runway system, supported by either engineered columns or building columns.