Under Hook Attachments

Ensure lifting efficiency with the right under hook attachment.

Zelus Material Handling is a Canadian Agent for Conte Metal Mec of Italy. Conte designs and manufacturers high quality below-the-hook devices and ground transfer equipment such as grabs, lifting beams, sheet lifters, coil tilters and transfer cars. Along with Conte, our objective is to obtain the best possible conditions for both the materials being moved and for the operators.

With over a 100's years experience, Conte can meet your material handling needs with custom designed solutions at competitive pricing. Zelus will ensure that the right product is selected for your under-hook lifting needs.

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Under Hook Attachments

Developed by Conte in 2009, the Grab Mod. 1255 is suitable to load sheet metal packs onto trucks trailers. The standard version comes complete with a rotation device, kit cable winder, electric control board and sensor to control the inclination of the grab.