TRAINING Overhead Crane Operator

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Don't bore your people! Transform your perception of health and safety training with our unique, participant-focused approach. Our engaging and interactive sessions ensure a memorable and enjoyable learning experience, setting us apart from our competitors. 

We don't believe in doing the 'minimum.' Our focus is on enhancing safety through actively engaged participants, led by experienced trainers, and utilizing a continuously improved curriculum for maximum benefit.


Need onsite training?

Our business is overhead cranes.

We manufacture, install, service and perform inspections for certification of overhead cranes and hoisting applications. This enables us to provide specialized training programs, conducted by experienced instructors, tailored to your specific material handling applications.

Protect your people, your equipment and your business!

Our extensive training enhances safety, productivity, and lowers maintenance costs. It equips operators and supervisors with the necessary tools to grasp responsibilities, regulations, qualifications, and procedures for safe equipment utilization.

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Course Outline

  • Operator Responsibilities and Qualifications
  • Applicable Legislation from Occupational Health & Safety Act, Industrial Regulations and the CSA B167-16 Standards
  • Workplace Specific Hazard Identification
  • Material Handling Equipment Types and Classification
  • Component Terminology & Application
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Pre-Shift Inspection Procedures & Practical Demonstration
  • Safe Rigging Practices
  • Safe Operation Procedures
  • Written Test and Practical Skills Assessment

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