Coil handling crane makes the impossible possible

Nova Steel needed a new crane to load 35T steel coils onto a transfer system using an existing runway rated for 20T. We made the impossible possible, safely and reliably. Here’s how.

Glass and mirror manufacturer adds a crane to improve efficiency and safety

London Glass and Mirror’s new crane allows one employee to safely and efficiently lift 4,000 lb bundles of glass, increasing productivity. We interviewed owner Trevor Stewart to get all the details.

How to choose the right crane for the job

Choosing the right crane for the job can be pretty confusing. Have you spent hours looking at various types but still aren’t clear on which might be best for you? Our crane selector tool can help with that.

Crane classifications and what they mean to your business

The Crane Manufacturers Association of America created a standardized, objective way to tell whether a crane used in a particular application should perform well and safely. Knowing each of the six classes helps you recognize which one is recommended for your situation.

The quick guide to crane types

This article highlights the critical differences between the four major types of cranes. We also explore sub-categories of cranes within each type.

Glossary of overhead crane and component terminology

Use this glossary of crane and component terminology whenever you come across a word or phrase associated with your cranes that is unfamiliar.