Quality Policy

Scope: Design, manufacture, inspection, and service of overhead cranes

Our policy is to deliver material handling equipment that will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and the requirements of all applicable codes, specifications and standards to which they must adhere. We are dedicated to the continual pursuit of quality improvements in the manufacturing sector of our business; including sales, estimating, project management, engineering, designing and manufacturing. This policy does not include the Service or Inspections part of Zelus Material Handling.

Our policy is supported by:

  • A management organization structure that clearly identifies quality responsibility and a commitment to eliminate all non-conformity.
  • Strategic planning that provides common direction to meet our goals.
  • An order process flow chart which clearly defines each stage of the order process, typical for all contracts and/or transactions unless a specific contract requires the procedure to differ; in which case the flowchart will be customized to meet the requirements of the contract.
  • A manufacturing system, which simultaneously views safety, productivity, efficiency and quality as essential parts of our customer’s need for quality, price and service.
  • Firmly maintained training programs, which ensure our development in both our business and our people.
  • Improving technology to ensure a secure future in worldwide competitiveness.

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