We make old like new again, allowing you to continue to use your existing equipment but with greater capacity, efficiency and safety.

Extend the life of your cranes.

Crane modernization helps preserve your initial investment while giving you the advantages of a new, upgraded crane.

With a modernized crane, you don't have to make the difficult choice between limiting your production to your current crane capacity or duty cycle, risking your equipment or worker safety by pushing your crane beyond its limits, or buying a completely new system.

Our engineers and technicians work with you to determine the most practical way to achieve your safety, productivity and efficiency goals.


  • Re-span or otherwise modify used equipment to suit your building
  • Add new wiring
  • Add radio, cab or pendant control
  • Add variable frequency drives
  • Add new or customized mechanical components
  • Update weighing systems
  • Add anti-collision and other safety systems
  • Add warning light systems
  • Automate with PLC controls
Modernization of panel

    An upgraded crane can offer faster speeds, more precise positioning, and increased crane and runway capacity.


    A modernized crane puts less stress and wear on crane parts, decreasing the likelihood of breakdown. Replacing obsolete parts helps avoid long lead-times if a breakdown occurs. New electrical panels are easy to interpret and diagnose, decreasing maintenance and repair time.


    A modernized crane will usually require fewer costly repairs and use less energy. It may also need less (or less expensive) maintenance.


    Add safety features and technology to reduce the potential for collisions, increase operator freedom of movement and increase safety of maintenance staff.

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