OVERHEAD Crane systems

We start with what you need.

Our real skill is in determining what your specific application requires and building that for you. If you need a crane assembled from standard components, that's what you can get. If you need a custom-engineered heavy-duty beast, we've got your back.

Zelus top running crane

Top running overhead crane

Simple design and efficient use of material make this the most common crane configuration. Zelus can design and manufacture top-running cranes as single or double-girder using either profile or box beam construction for any capacity with design capabilities that can well exceed 100 tons and spans longer than 200 feet.

under running crane

Under running overhead crane

An under running crane allows the runway support structure to be above the serviced area of the crane. Available in single or double girder designs using profile or box beam construction. Additional end trucks can be added mid-span to reduce loads on the supporting structure. 

gantry monorail

Gantry crane

A gantry crane is used for partial span or completely self-supporting high-capacity lifting. A semi gantry has a runway on one end and a supporting leg on the other. A full gantry uses legs at both ends to support the bridge, trolley and hoist. Zelus has standard designs or completely custom solutions for your unique application.


Runway systems

A runway is the parallel beams that support the crane's bridge. An essential component of an overhead crane, it's prone to failure if not engineered, manufactured and installed properly—which is why industrial customers and crane manufacturers alike come to Zelus.

Jib crane

Jib crane

Jib cranes are a cost-effective, localized solution for repetitive lifting in a defined space. They can be freestanding systems or can be supported by the building structure. Lighter models have the option of push-pull. Partial power to fully powered motion, including rotation, is possible.

Workstation crane

Workstation crane

Workstation cranes range from light duty/capacity systems that utilize light extruded structures, to heavy higher capacity systems that use HSS or hot rolled beams. These crane systems can be basic push-pull systems, partially powered or fully powered in all directions.


Monorail crane

Monorail cranes are used to move lifting devices along a single axis. A monorail hoist system is well-suited for applications where material is moved along a fixed path and when maintenance is being performed on stationary equipment.

We'll make sure you know exactly what you'll need.

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No matter what load needs lifting, our extensive knowledge and capabilities across all types of crane solutions allows us to outfit your facility for maximum safety and efficiency.


Free standing outdoor runway system with top running crane

Operator cab for ultimate visibility and control

Top running double girder crane with dual hoists for safe lifting of large loads

Top running hoist for double girder cranes

Runway beams and rails

Monorail systems for straight line movement or make a loop for continuous processes

Operator remote control for ultimate flexibility and control

Coil hook under hook attachment

Underhung wire rope hoist

Top running single girder crane

Jib crane for workstations

Electric chain hoist

Semi gantry crane for partial span lifting

Plate lifter or lifting beam under hook attachment

Under running crane for low headroom use

Underhung hoist

Wall mounted jib crane

Standard wired pendant control

Full gantry crane for use indoors or outdoors

Dry goods material bucket underhook attachment

Open winch top running hoist for double girder cranes

We are the manufacturer.

We have an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturing facility where we manufacture more than 100 cranes every year, ranging from standard to completely custom systems. We also manufacture crane components. Even though we have the largest crane manufacturing capacity in Ontario, we never make you feel like a number.

Custom designed cranes just for you.

We design cranes that meet your needs, not ours. Whether you need to increase safety, maximize production capacity or reliability, or reduce costs, we deliver.