Effective safety training is not just about compliance; it's about creating a safer, more informed workforce.

Supporting Safety in Workplace with a focus on Participant Experience

Don't bore your people! Transform your perception of health and safety training with our unique, participant-focused approach. Our engaging and interactive sessions ensure a memorable and enjoyable learning experience, setting us apart from our competitors. Join us to discover a refreshing and impactful way to meet your health and safety training needs.

We're not here to Check a Box

We don't believe in doing the 'minimum.' Our focus is on enhancing safety through actively engaged participants, led by experienced trainers, and utilizing a continuously improved curriculum for maximum benefit.


Need onsite training?

overhead crane factory

This course offers comprehensive training in the safe operation and handling of overhead cranes, emphasizing safety procedures and equipment mechanics.

Telehandler Training

Focused on safe operation practices, this course covers the essentials of telehandler mechanics, control, and safety protocols for various work environments.

Manlift crane with platform lifting to the roof top of a building

This course provides detailed instruction on the safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, including operational controls, safety checks, and maintenance.


Aimed at ensuring safe and efficient use, this course covers all aspects of lift truck operation, including mechanics, safety regulations, and handling techniques.

Krystle C.

TransCare Logistics Corp

Even the operators that have been here 20+ years enjoyed the class and felt they learned something new. We have received very positive feedback from the experienced and the inexperienced.

G. Banwait

Hamilton Kent Inc

Zelus' comprehensive training program allowed our employees to improve their skills and knowledge to operate cranes safely and efficiently.

Jeff H.

Norbec Inc.

The training was informative and very well presented with a level of engagement our participants hadn’t experienced before.

Our Training is Different

We're striving to break free from the stigma that Health & Safety training is dull and strictly compliance-focused. We grew weary of instructors monotonously reading PowerPoint presentations to rooms full of disengaged trainees, so we vowed to do things differently.

We firmly believe that true wisdom lies at the intersection of knowledge and its application. With this philosophy at our core, we have developed a curriculum centered around this principle. We understand that an engaged participant is more likely to learn and retain information effectively.

We employ practices of active learning, emotional connection, storytelling, social learning, and consistent feedback and reinforcement to ensure a more dynamic and impactful training experience.


    Our trainers are seasoned experts that use real-world experiences to transform theoretical knowledge into practical wisdom.


    We don't read the slides to you. We use a variety of modern delivery approaches to connect with all participants.


    We solicited honest, critical, and timely feedback to maximize value provided to all parties involved.


    We use feedback and industry data to constantly update our course materials, presentation style, and workbooks, ensuring our training remains relevant, effective, and participant-focused.


    We don't B.S. -  We back our facts, figures, and examples with relevant and substantiated data.


    When requested, our training can be customized to your specific needs and equipment. 

What training do you need?