Crane Modernization

Increase the Lifespan of Your Crane with Refurbishment & Modernization

To modernize your equipment, we can provide mechanical or structural modifications, and we can design new controls for either a traditional contactor or state-of-the-art AC and DC drive system. We offer a wide range of radio controls and conductor systems for any type of equipment.


Crane modernization may include:

  • Increasing capacity or speed.
  • Re-spanning or modification of used equipment to suit your building.
  • New control & wiring.
  • Radio, Cab or pendant control.
  • New or customized mechanical components.
  • Weighing systems.
  • Anti-Collision systems.

Many times new equipment is not the solution, so let us work with you to determine if modernization of your existing equipment is right for you. If necessary, we will also source good used equipment for you, and provide the appropriate inspections and non-destructive testing to assure quality and cost-effective results for your material handling problems.